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Rich Dad Poor Dad
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- November 2004 -

The New York Times #1 Bestseller is changing how the world views money by shifting your context
to that of a rich person.

If you are like many - dependent on your paychecks to cover your monthly expenses - then you donít think
like the rich.

The rich donít accumulate cash. They accumulate assets that generate cash flow for them.

In reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, youíll better understand the power that thinking can have on your life. If you are looking for financial freedom, then Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great place to start your learning process.

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
ISBN: 0-446-67745-0
Year Published: 1998
Publisher: TechPress, Inc.
Binding: Paperback

It's time to start playing "real" games with your children.
Games that will teach them what our schools do not.
This will be one of the best investments you ever made for your child's future! 

CASHFLOW for Kidsô Board Game

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Dear Fellow Parents,

As a CPA, I can professionally say that there is more to teaching a child about money than simply requiring them to work for their allowance, save money, pay bills, and don't get into debt. In today's world, we all need much more sophisticated money management skills than we receive in school or at home.

For those of you who read Rich Dad Poor Dad, which I co-authored with Robert Kiyosaki, you may have read how frustrated I felt as a mom as well as a CPA in not being able to teach my children what I knew professionally. In the book I write about how happy I was to find Robert developing Cashflow 101, which is the educational product I was looking for. Now that the book and CF 101 are launched, we heard from so many of you that we needed a Cashflow game for kids...and here it is. This is the game I wish I had had for my children when they were still young.

Our children will be required to learn much more than we ever did, and much more than schools can ever teach them. Cashflow Management is an essential life skill and a skill that will require much more sophistication as we move further into the Information Age. If in one small way I have been able to support parents with their child's educational process, I feel happy and this work brings me a sense of satisfaction, both as a CPA and as a mom.

Yours truly,

Sharon Lechter

Co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad
CPA and Mom

Whatís Inside?

- The CASHFLOW for Kids board game
- Raising Your Childís Financial IQ (book)
- Raising Your Childís Financial IQ (cassette)